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An apartment or a hotel in the centre of Warsaw – what to choose?

Are you preparing for your trip to the capital city and wondering what kind of accommodation to choose? A business trip or a long-awaited vacation, regardless of the purpose, remember that the space you spend your time in is of essence.

Can you feel at home in a hotel room?

In a hotel, you are just one of the guests. You have a constant feeling that this is only temporary – a place where you can keep your things and get some sleep. A lot of people do not want to spend their time away in such conditions but have no idea that they can opt for more comfort. Our apartments are in no way inferior to hotels when it comes to professional finishing of completed interiors. Bonita Residence offers its customers a whole private apartment, making you feel almost at home.

Open up to space! Choose an apartment instead of hotel.

Hotel rooms tend to be rather small, and sometimes even claustrophobically tiny. Our apartments are far more spacious – at your disposal you will have a whole apartment with a surface area of 40 m2. Open spaces and access to a private kitchen is something that no Warsaw hotel will offer to you.

Go beyond the limitations of hotel rooms. Choose your own style.

In Warsaw, hotels offer many uniform rooms for rent, leaving their customers without the ability to choose the character of the room. Bonita Residence has prepared for you three comfortably furnished apartments, each perfectly equipped. What distinguishes them is the style in which they were designed: Paris apartment offers simplicity and elegance of chic French style, Milano apartment features eclectic finishings in gold and copper, and New York apartment will satisfy anyone who appreciates glamorous solutions. With us, you are the one to select the interior you want to spend your time in.

You are the one to decide which one it is going to be – a hotel or an apartment?

Due to the assumed temporary nature of stay, hotels offer their clients solutions that make you feel like a guest. If you want to have a choice on where you stay when you are away from home, you should consider the possibilities offered by rented apartments.

Are you travelling by car? We have a private parking space waiting for you, while hotels usually charge an additional fee for them and their availability is subject to prior reservation. Do you prefer to prepare your own food? The apartment has its own kitchen, where you can prepare a meal according to your preferences. At the same time, you have the opportunity to visit restaurants in the closest vicinity of the apartments. We make sure there are many available options for you.

Let us take good care of you. This is something you will not get in a Warsaw hotel.

Our priority is to make your stay a pleasant one. Therefore, we have prepared a package of additional services for those who rent our apartments, something that no hotel in Warsaw will offer you. For no additional charge, you will be able to use bicycles, rent a car, transfer to the airport and receive discounts for cosmetic treatments. We recommend the best places to eat and the most interesting places to visit in the closest area. And we are constantly thinking of how to make your stay even more pleasant.


Now that you know why you prefer to spend your time in one of our apartments in the centre of Warsaw, please make your reservation and tell us when you are coming. Visit this tab Bookings.