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Bonita Residence Apartments are three comfortably furnished apartments, each of them with its own unique character. Situated in a perfect location in the centre of Warsaw, they are an excellent alternative to passionless uniform hotel rooms. Our guests are offered comfort and privacy with a homely atmosphere, in combination with luxurious equipment and an extensive set of additional benefits. Rent your dream apartment today.

The Paris Apartment

The Paris Apartment offers simplicity and the elegance of French style. Its delicate, bright colours will enable you to effectively relax and unwind. The exquisite interior of the apartment fits into the location of Warsaw’s downtown. The ornaments and the interesting coving give a romantic touch to the apartment’s space.

Milano Apartment

Elegant modernity is something you can expect in the Milano Apartment. The characteristic eclectic finishes in gold and copper give this place a feeling of palace splendour. Although the Apartment is located in Warsaw, its interior will allow you to immerse yourself into the magical atmosphere of always fashionable Italy.

Apartament Nowy York

Apartament Paryż oferuje Państwu prostotę i szyk stylu francuskiego. Delikatne, jasne
odcienie pozwolą na odprężenie i efektywny wypoczynek. Wykwintne wnętrze wpisuje się w
lokalizację na warszawskim śródmieściu.​Nuty romantycznego klimatu dodają przestrzeni
ornamenty i ciekawa sztukateria.

Apartments in the centre of Warsaw Bonita Residence

Bonita Residence is pleased to offer you three comfortably furnished apartments in Warsaw. Each of the interiors has been finished in a different style, hence it has its own, extraordinary character. You can choose the space in which you would like to spend your time. The eclectic, Italian style of the Milano Apartment will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and splendour of ever-fashionable Italy. The sublime and classy New York Apartment will appeal to those who cherish big-city life. The ethereal French atmosphere of the Paris Apartment is an excellent choice for those who think of their dwelling as a haven.


The excellent location in the centre of Warsaw makes these apartments universal accommodation for guests with diverse needs. They are an excellent starting point for those interested in sightseeing around the city. At the same time, they are a comfortable place to rest during business trips. They are also ideal for family trips – our apartments are child-friendly.


Apartments for rent, Bonita Residence, offer their guests comfort and privacy of home, in combination with the luxury experienced at hotels. In order to ensure the highest quality of their stay, as part of the apartment renting price, we offer our guests an extensive set of accompanying services, something you will not find in Warsaw hotels. We will help you to get to the apartments from the airport, we will offer you transportation options to move around Warsaw, and provide you with discounts on cosmetic treatments. In order to make your stay as simple and pleasant as possible, we have introduced new technological solutions to our apartments.